Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic: Dental Cosmetic Procedures

Are you tired of looking at the mirror because you don’t like what you seen when you smile—discolored teeth, crooked and chipped teeth, gaps between your tooth, etc? Then you can improve your smile as quickly as you can say cheese! There are so many cosmetic dental procedures now that you can do at your dental clinic in Dubai and you don’t even have to stay the whole day for it! Things like teeth whitening can already be done in just a few hours.

So want to get a more beautiful smile? Check out these procedures you can get at any Hollywood smile dental clinic.


Teeth Whitening

We all get teeth discoloration through the years because of the food we eat and the drinks we take in almost every day such as coffee, cola, and tea. All these can stain our teeth and eventually cause yellowish, unattractive teeth.

If you want to bring back the pearly white glow of your teeth, then you can simply go to your dental clinic in Dubai and ask about their different options for teeth whitening. You can have a quick treatment or you can choose to get special ones like Zoom teeth whitening, where it will take several applications of hydrogen peroxide to achieve the whiteness that you want for your teeth.


Dental Veneers

Do you have a chipped tooth? Want to get rid of the gaps between your teeth? Or perhaps you want to change the overall size of your teeth in order to make them fuller in case you have small teeth. These problems can all be corrected if you ask your dental clinic in Dubai about porcelain veneers.

Veneers are made of medical-grade ceramic material that closely resemble or match the natural shine and texture of human teeth. They are very thin and can be colored into different shades to match the current teeth shade of the patient. They are placed on top of the natural teeth so you don’t even need to worry about losing any of your real teeth if you want veneers. They are simply put on top using a bonding technique and you can step out of the clinic with a completely new smile in just a few hours!



If you are annoyed seeing your crooked and misaligned teeth, you don’t have to endure them anymore! With Invisalign plastic braces, you can have your straight teeth once again and you don’t have to go through all the fuss of wearing metal braces.

Invisalign is a customized plastic aligner that you can remove and clean easily when you need to eat or brush your teeth. It is not a painful procedure and you don’t need to be conscious when wearing then because they are not noticeable due to their transparent finish. It is just like you are not wearing braces at all but fully getting the benefits of one!


To know if you are fit to have Invisalign, you will need to go for a consultation with your dentist first.

Watch the video to know more about common dental procedures: