Is Crossfit Good for You?

If you are into fitness, you have probably heard of Crossfit Dubai classes and wondered about its benefits or why it has become so popular not only among fitness buffs but also people who are looking for ways to jumpstart their fitness routine. When you go to any Crossfit box as what its members call it, you are always promised to be kept in top shape and that you will not do those repetitive movements from a traditional gym.

Let’s find out what Crossfit is and what are the benefits you can get from it.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a high-intensity interval workout that focuses on strength and conditioning exercises and uses your own bodyweight as resistance when doing most of the movements. You can even do Crossfit without even using a single weight, but most people even beginners will choose to add on some weight just to amp up the exercises.

Why are Crossfit Dubai classes so popular? It’s because with these types of classes, people get to cover and develop different fitness domains which are cardiovascular and respiratory, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Once you get used to doing the workouts, you will experience these benefits.


Better Physical Condition and Versatility

The workout you get from Crossfit is designed to improve your overall physical condition and make you capable of doing not just simple, everyday tasks but also prepare your body for athletic competition if necessary. With the functional movements that are included in Crossfit, you will be able to train your whole body including build muscle and get more flexibility in your joints and ligaments. Also, since Crossfit covers a wide-range of motion, you also develop your overall health, improve posture, flexibility and your strength and balance.

Lose Weight Faster

If you are trying to look for a fitness program to help you lose weight faster, Crossfit may be one of the best things to try out. That’s because with Crossfit, you have to go through various exercises and use your own body weight to carry out the workout of the day. That means you burn more calories using your entire body strength compared to spending hours and hours doing a repetitive movement like running on a thread mill.


Shorter Time for Working Out

If you are one of those people who skip the gym or hate even thinking about exercising because of the long periods it takes from your life, then you will be happy to know that you only have to workout about 30 minutes per session with Crossfit. That’s because with Crossfit Dubai classes, the workouts are high-intensity so it demands more effort and a burst of energy from you in order to finish the workout. But they are also short, way shorter than the average 1 hour to 1.5 hours you can spend inside a gym (most of it might even be just chit-chatting with other gym members). So if you want focus in your workout without over exhausting yourself, you should definitely try Crossfit classes.